Cosmetic habits, wrong make-up removal and beauty products. These are your most common skincare mistakes. Results? You’ll find them in my latest post. Read on & fix your beauty routine!

You sleep with make-up on?

Your skin suffocates under layers of make-up products. If you don’t remove them before sleep, your face will be covered in pimples, blackheads and pigmentation spots soon. Sebum, dead cells and product build-up clog the sebaceous glands. As a result, blemishes appear on the skin. My piece of advice? No matter if you’re sleepy or wrecked, take make-up off, wash your face and make sure it’s moisturised.

Beauty products & skin type

Another mistake – common among girls – is choosing wrong products for their skin type. Consequently, the skin gets imperfections instead of conditioning. If you want to have a beautiful and healthy face skin, go for cosmetics intended for its type and needs. At drugstores, you’ll get lots of skincare and make-up products going with different complexion types. Their ingredients will gift your skin with nutrients, hydration and repair.

Popping pimples and touching the face

These bad habits considerably worsen your skin condition. When you touch your face with dirty fingers or pop pimples and blackheads, you spread germs all over the face. To make things worse, you end up with scars and discolorations that are hard to do away with. What can you do? Use topical products that contain antibacterial and soothing ingredients. If you’ve got a serious problem, see a dermatologist to get some medication.

Your skin pH is disturbed

Using some acidic or base cosmetics has a bad impact on your skin pH, damaging its protective lipid barrier and killing the skin-friendly micro-organisms. All you need to do is use a flowery or fruity toner. Hydrolates are the alternative – plant extract-based products. Wipe your face with a chosen product in the morning and evening.

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