Hello Girls,

Choosing a good foundation isn’t that simple. Continuously, on the streets I see girls wearing either too dark or too pale make-up, poorly applied foundation and a thick layer of cosmetics which cover the face shapes. Or maybe it would be better if we just stopped using a foundation? Ok, it’s a bad idea because sometimes there are the situations in our life when we really have to apply make-up. But how to do this? Read the entry to find out whether you apply a foundation the wrong way. My tips will help you avoid make-up flaws.

Smudges and stains

If you can notice visible smudges and stains in either very pale or dark shades then probably you’re using a foundation of mismatching shade. Many girls have problems with that: they can’t match the shade of the foundation with their skin tone. So how to do this the right way? If you have the possibility to do it, check your skin shade in natural light. To clarify, fair pink complexion will go hand in hand with cool tones, yellowish complexion looks better when covered with warm tones. Also, you can combine a few foundations by applying one next to another on your cheek. Obviously, pick the one which is close to your complexion colour.

Acne and blemishes?

I think it’s the worst that may happen to skin when you apply a mismatching foundation. Therefore, if you notice acne, blackheads and some inflammations on your face I’m sure you use cosmetics that are filled with chemicals. The more oily and comedogenic substances your foundation contains, the greater the risk is of your face becoming covered with skin imperfections. How to deal with this? Apply mineral foundations which deliver not only natural look but also heal skin up.

Make-up runs down your face or gathers near your nose

If your make-up looks similar then probably you mismatched the type of a foundation with your face skin type, or just the consistency of the product should be different. You can observe such problems especially during the summer. What should be done in this case? Choose the foundations which have a liquid formula that turns into powdery one after being applied. Also, a good idea is to apply a make-up base containing silica that will absorb the excess of sebum. Another issue to discuss, if your foundation gathers in the furrows, it’s time to take care of your skin condition. Do peeling and moisturise your face regularly. Basically, you can also use a foundation that contains hyaluronic acid, highlighting pigments and nourishing ingredients.

Enlarged skin pores

If you noticed that your skin pores have become bigger than they used to be then probably you use a dense and heavy foundation. Therefore, replace it with something lighter. Moreover, don’t forget to apply make-up base that will smooth your skin surface, even skin tone and extend make-up hold. It’s a good idea to give a try to mineral base with a silk finish.

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