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It’s been a long time since I’ve been struggling with dehydrated skin. My greatest problem are irritations and the feeling of contracted skin. It’s getting even worse in the winter, when the frost pinches my nose and cheeks. Luckily, I managed to discover a few easy ways thanks to which my complexion is now constantly moisturised, soothed and shielded against damages. Read my entry to find out what methods I’m talking about.

How does dry skin look like?

The causes of dry skin are at least a few, and these are: atmospheric conditions, solar radiation, not adequate amount of sebum dermis produces and improper care. Moreover, skin problems may be generated by diseases such as diabetics, thyroid ailments, dehydration of an organism, psoriasis or atopic dermatitis. However, the main reason of skin being dehydrated is its incapability to store water in the outer layers of dermis. Basically, dry skin is characterized by having the insufficient amount of sebaceous glands that are responsible for skin moisturisation and protection. Of course, it’s typical for dry skin to be covered with redness as we experience the feeling of rough, itchy skin that exfoliates.

How to take care of dry skin?

Cleansing and removing dead epidermis cells is the very core of dry skin care. To remove make-up and other impurities that linger on skin’s surface, reach for moisturising products the consistency of which is light and creamy. Avoid tap water, using regular soap and cosmetics containing alcohol. Such products contribute to worsening your skin condition even greater; they will trigger irritations and make skin even more dehydrated. Therefore, if you want to remove dead epidermis cells, use enzymatic products which gently slacken intercellular junctions. Don’t use facial brushes. Apply neither fine n coarse scrubs.

It goes without saying that moisturisation is super important for dry skin care. Therefore, apply moisturising and oiling creams regularly. The difference between these products is visible because of their consistency; the first ones are light and penetrate skin fast, but the second have dense formula and it’s rather difficult to apply them evenly. Regardless of the cosmetic you use, it must contain the right ingredients. Among them are: allantoin, lipids or panthenol. You will also make a good use of UV filters which protect skin against the solar radiation.

Diet and dry skin

Moisturising skin form the inside triggers positive effects, too. Hence, every day you should drink more or less 1 litre of still mineral water. Additionally, eat products rich in vitamins A and E as well as fatty acids. Moreover, many precious substances are hidden in nuts, fat fish, red vegetables and fruit (carrot, apricot, peach and tomatoes).

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