Is there a woman who doesn’t like taking care of herself? Manicure, hairstyling, visiting an aesthetician are our favorite things to do. What about my favorite beauty treatments? Read the post to find out!


Back, face, head. Massage is the nicest treatment one can imagine. The best thing is you just lie down and get a healthier body, prettier skin and beautiful hair. I adore massages with essential oils or products composed of natural ingredients. The massage always lets me clear my head and relax. Sometimes I nod off during the treatment…

Bath & Shower

It must be long and warm. When I add an essential oil, dried fruit or herbs – it’s the best treatment I could imagine. A bath or shower is either stimulating or relaxing. It depends on the products I use. I use a fruity shower gel in the morning whereas in the evening I prefer an oil that helps me fall asleep. Sometimes, I like to light a few fragrant candles in the bathroom and take a book or a glass of wine for company.

Sugar Scrub

I always add aromatic oils or spices to the sugar scrub and always use a special brush. I apply the exfoliating product to the brush and scrub the whole body. You may ask ‘what’s nice about scrubbing the skin’. I mean the effect of the treatment – amazingly smooth and firm skin. Cosmetics applied after exfoliating absorb immediately and work fantastically.

Make-up Removal

When the moment of taking make-up off and cleaning face finally comes, I’m over the moon. I use a moisturising micellar water which has an incredible aroma. After removing make-up, the skin is smooth, nice to the touch and primed for next skin care steps. I feel so light after make-up removal – as if I lost a few unwanted pounds. I love this feeling.

What about your favorite beauty treatments? 

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