It’s said that products with chemical sunscreens harm the skin, clog pores, are hard to wash off and – the worst thing – fail to deliver 100% sun protection. So how can you shield skin from the sunlight? Try out a mineral foundation – all-natural product.

Chemical vs Mineral

Chemical filter enriched products are unstable and must be applied every hour. They harm the skin because of comedogenic properties. On the other hand, mineral cosmetics give a stable and effective protection. They work for a daily use, especially on the days with little sun. Moreover, such products have natural ingredients that benefit the skin. Sadly, mineral UV filters are unsuitable for sunbathing or long walks. They don’t give full protection from strong sunlight between 11 am and 4 pm. In this case, chemical filters, a hat, loose clothes with long sleeves make the best choice.

Mineral Foundations & Sunlight

Physical filtres, zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are included in mineral foundations. These substances stay on skin surface instead of penetrating its deeper layers. As a result, they are easy to wash away and the skin isn’t exposed to irritations. How do mineral filtres work? Contrary to chemical ones, they deflect the sunrays instead of absorbing them. Even though mineral sunscreen doesn’t provide high SPF, you don’t need to repeat the application. Mineral cosmetics – also foundations – contain 10-20 SPF and don’t protect from UVA radiation. If you suffer from hyperpigmentation, take hormone medicine and contraception or go through menopause, choose chemical sunscreen.

Which Mineral Foundation to Pick?

Mineral foundations deliver both conditioning and beautifying effects. They even out skin tone, dry inflammation, soothe irritations and don’t block pores. If you decide on mineral sunscreens, match cosmetics to your skin type (its shade, tendency to irritation and sunburn) and your regular skin products. Choose the right applicator – a soft and fluffy brush. Clean it regularly to reduce the risk of irritated skin.

What about your favourite sunscreens? 

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