Wedding and the reception are very important moments in every woman’s life. Stunning gown, trendy hairdo and make-up. This last has to be just perfect, long-lasting and, what is the most important, it must suit not only beauty type but also the outfit and hairstyle of the wife-to-be. If you still aren’t certain how to do it, let me give you some instructions. I’m going to use quad eyeshadows by Covegirl.

Instructions for bridal eye make-up

What should perfect eye make-up be like? First and foremost, it must promote long wear and be waterproof. Therefore, it is crucial to apply cosmetics which won’t run down our faces during touching moments or dance. That’s one thing. Secondly, it advised against having false extensions attached or undergoing some beauty treatments (laser, chemical peeling) before this important life event. Such treatments may encourage irritations which even the best camouflaging products might not hide. Thirdly, and obviously, all the skin imperfections must be camouflaged. Only then will you be certain that all the photos of you will be perfect.

Quad Eyeshadows by Covergirl

Covergirl eyeshadows are four shades of matte and shimmering finish. They are just perfect for doing smoky eyes or other types of make-up suiting any occasion you imagine. The kit houses a double-sponge applicator, thanks to which, you will be able to introduce touch-ups outside home. These quad eyeshadows are well-pigmented, don’t flake off and are far from creasing. Also, they deliver enhanced effect and with every extra layer you get more and more intensive eye make-up.

Bridal make-up with Covergirl eyeshadows

Start from getting the eyelids ready by applying a shadow primer or any other fixing cosmetic. In order to do bridal blue eye make-up, I used Notice Me Nudes palette. I applied the brighter shadow, Illuminate, to the above crease area and the inner corners of the eyes. Then, with Enrich shade, featuring shimmering particles, I brought out the inner and middle part of eyelid. When it comes to the crease and the outer corner of the eyes, these were coated with Frame, a brown shadow delivering matte finish. I enhanced the outer corner of the eye using the darkest shadow Covergirl palette houses, Intensify. After that, I reached for a mascara to coat the lashes. But before that, I had used an eye pencil to define my eyelash line with. I blend the black line with the eyeshadows. My bridal blue eye make-up was ready.

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