Lovely, colourful and magical. This is how I could describe the new collection of lip sticks and lip liners by Nabla named Dreamy Lip. In my opinion, these colour cosmetics are perfect for using them as a holiday gift for someone who is close to you or just for… yourself. Feel invited to read my mini review concerning Nabla lip products.

Dreamy Lip Kit by Nabla

In its newest cosmetic kit Nabla has prepared a few lip sticks, lip liners and a make-up bag. Dreamy Makeup Bag is a black, glossy container decorated with golden stars and moons. You can store there all your favourite products (its size is as follows: 21 cm x 13 cm x 6 cm). The cosmetics which you decide to keep in the very make-up bag, will remain well-protected from water (this item is made of waterproof material).

As I mentioned above, Dreamy Lip kit by Nabla features lip sticks and lip liners. Dreamy Matte Liquid Lipstick is a set of classic matte lip colouring products in six shades, whereas Dreamy Lip kit is consists of matte lip sticks and lip liners. The packaging is decorated with golden starts, as well. Thanks to this, it’s easy to realize that Christmas is coming.

Dreamy Matte Liquid Lipsticks by Nabla

Available in six shades. Anarchy is violet with ashy tints – perfect for girls who like wearing dark make-up. Broadway can be described as brown colour with dark red tints. I find this shade ideal for autumn aura. Ritual resembles red colour but in a slightly lighter version. To me, Zen looks like a regular nude shade which relaxes and calms down. Noblesse Oblige is dark pink shade with raspberry tints. When it comes to Silk Road, it’s metallic red that beautifully shimmers in the sun.

Dreamy Lip Kit lip sticks and lip liners

Nabla also offers sets of lip sticks and lip liners. These are Bad Boy (deep maroon colour), Grace (pink with red tints), Alter Ego (intensive purple shade) and Closer (warmer version of nude). Both lip sticks and lip liners have vivid, bright shades as well as cream consistency which significantly facilitates application of the colour cosmetics.

Have you ever used Nabla products?

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