Everyone one of us, wants to get rid of any imperfections as quickly as possible. Some of us choose beauty treatments, others – camouflaging makeup. I belong to the group of women who prefer concealing blemishes. In order to have a flawless face, I use Dior foundation  – Diorskin Forever Undercover.

The perfect camouflage? Only with Dior 

Not so long ago, Dior has released a new product to the market. I am talking about the new foundation that promises full and flawless coverage. Our hero – Diorskin Forever Undercover comes in 24 shades and it is said that it lasts 24hours on the skin. The producer has probably exaggerated it a bit, no product would last that long and nobody wears makeup for so many hours (unless you’re a model at work!). How about the coverage and covering up the imperfections? That’s a different story. The product is just great! It hides all blemishes, pigmentations and dark under-eye circles. What’s more, if you are struggling with dilated capillaries on your face or redness on the cheeks, Diorskin Forever Undercover will be your go-to product.

How to apply Dior foundation?  

Before the applications, remember to prep your skin: moisturise thoroughly and apply makeup primer. If you are in need of full coverage, use a flat brush. Simply dab it all over the face and you will not have to worry about looking cakey or as if you were wearing a mask. You can also use your fingertips – this way the makeup will be lighter and sheerer. As the last step, set everything with a powder that will prolong the wear and mattify the skin preventing shine.

You might find it useful…

What else should you know about the Dior foundation? It comes with an applicator that facilitates the use. The product has a liquid formula which is easy to distribute and blend without leaving any stains. Also, the cosmetic contains brightening pigments and skin-moisturising ingredients.

How do you conceal blemishes? What’s your go-to foundation? Have you ever used Diorskin Forever Undercover foundation by Dior? Let me know in the comments!

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