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If your hair is very oily, dry or thinning, you must have failed to care for the scalp the right way. It’s time you started using the suitable products and follow the proper scalp care. Which products will be the best for you?

Sugar scrub

Use products you have in your kitchen. Mix two tablespoons of sugar with one spoon of purifying shampoo. For better effects, enrich the mixture with one teaspoon of green clay. Before using the scrub, you must rinse the scalp with water. Next, massage the scalp with the product. Sugar crystals will do away with sebum and dead cells, smooth the scalp and increase blood flow. Sugar will melt down thanks to warm water. Remember to apply a mask or conditioner after exfoliation. Repeat the treatment once a week or more often, depending on your needs.

Clay masks

They deliver oxygen, nutrients and purification. Clays will help you get rid of too much sebum, dead cells and all impurities that settle at the roots. If your scalp is oily, go for green clay. For sensitive or normal scalp, choose white clay. Do the mask once a week. You can enrich it with soothing or hydrating ingredients.

Phenome Purifying Hair Mask

The mask is supposed to remove sebum, product buildup and dirt from the scalp surface. The product has a rich consistency and tiny abrasives that effectively exfoliate the epidermis and stimulate blood circulation. How to use Phenome Purifying Mask? Apply the product to damp strands and massage the scalp. Effect? The scalp seems lighter whereas hair is voluminous and easier to style.

Pharmaceris H-Stimupeel

It’s designed for special tasks. The scrub works like other trichologist products: cleanses, freshens up and soothes irritation. Your hairdo gets volume boost and better looks. The scalp isn’t oily and doesn’t require often washing. How to use? The cosmetic is housed in a tube with a thin dispenser so it’s easier to apply the scrub to chosen scalp parts. The product has a rich and creamy formula with large abrasives.

What about your scalp cleansing ideas?

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