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The skin around the eyes is thin, delicate and prone to damage. That’s why it needs the professional care. If you strive for the beautiful looks, choose the right cosmetics and try out a few tricks. Read my latest post to find out everything.

Around-Eye Skin – Dangers

The skin around your eyes is almost deprived of sebum glands; the blood and lymph flow is weaker. Result? This face part lacks nourishing, quickly dries off and gets dark circles and puffiness. Moreover, wrinkles and pigmentation spots appear there very quickly, making you look older and tired. The wrong care, products and makeup removal, genes, pollution and lifestyle may trigger irritation around the eye skin.

How Should You Care for the Eye Skin?

You must start doing it as soon as possible. It’s said that first wrinkles appear when you turn 25. Use products that provide hydration and oxygen to keep wrinkles from getting deeper. They should aim at skin tightening, smoothing first wrinkles, increasing blood flow and illuminating. The cosmetics should have the lightweight consistency and must contain lots of nutrients.

Keep in mind that eye care isn’t enough. If you really desire to have a healthy and beautiful skin, massage it every day. Use a moisturiser, ice cubes or a metal massager (cooled down in the fridge). Green tea or camomile compresses will do, too. You can place cucumber slices on the eyelids; dark circles and swelling will go away.

How to Apply Eye Creams?

The right application of a cream matters if you want to keep your skin healthy and smooth. Gently tap the cream with your fingers. You can massage the skin to speed up the absorption and improve blood circulation. Apply the product above the brow ridge and to the non-moving upper lids. Don’t skip the places where you feel the cheekbones.

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