Eye and eye brow make-up is very important for me. I use the best cosmetics to get the effect I want; also, the product I tend to apply have to be safe for my sensitive eyelid skin. Recently, I have bought Makeup Revolution HD Pro Eyes & Brows & Eye Brush. Is it good? You’re going to find this out  by reading my entry.

What can we find in Makeup Revolution set?

I guess all professional make-up lovers will find Makeup Revolution HD Pro Eyes & Brows & Eye Brush marvellous. The set contains eye shadow and eyebrow shadows as well as three brushes. The palette features 24 shades in total, but the first 5 rows are dedicated for eye make-up, the last row – for eyebrow make-up. Basically, Makeup Revolution delivers matte (14 shades) and shimmering (10 shadows) finish. When it comes to the brushes the set goes with, these are made of synthetic bristle which are completely safe for sensitive eyelid skin. Obviously, each of the applicators serves different purpose. The flat and cut at angle is to contour eyebrows (to bring out shape of eyebrows). You can also use this brush to apply an eyeliner. This sphere-like brush is perfect to apply shades in the corners of the eyes and blend them in the creases. The third brush is to blend all the shades which have been applied to eyelids.

HD Pro Eyes & Brows by Makeup Revolution palette

The palette features shadows of bronze, violet, grey and beige colours. They were selected to let us create the perfect eye make-up. To me, Makeup Revolution eye shadows are well-pigmented and deliver very defined effect. Their great advantage is that they don’t gather in creases nor flake off. They stay in the very place applied the entire day. When it comes to the eyebrow shades, they fulfil their task, which is defining brow bone and highlighting the very face part.

Makeup Revolution brushes

Despite being made of synthetic bristle, I find them soft and safe for sensitive eye skin area. I like the fact that the bristle is well-set in the shafts, it doesn’t diverge and even during washing the bristle doesn’t lose its hair. In my opinion, the brushes are good. They distribute eye and brow shadows well and blend them perfectly.

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