Face contouring is a real hit in the beauty and makeup industry. My all-time favourite cosmetic for this kind of makeup is Highlight & Contour Pro Palette by NYX Cosmetics. How do I contour my face? What do I get by doing it? You will know everything after reading my post. 

What’s face contouring?

In general, face contouring is nothing else but enhancing the best features of the face and hiding any flaws. The cosmetic companies have come up with a variety of cosmetics for this purpose, for instance, concealers, bronzers, sticks, powders, etc. Usually, two shades of the cosmetics are necessary to visually enlarge some parts of the face or make them look smaller. Also, a small precise brush or a large applicator with densely- arranged bristles will be useful.

How to contour the face with the NYX palette?

All you need to do is to match the shades of Highlight & Contour Pro Palette to the colour of your face and choose the part of the face that should be contoured. Apply the lighter shade to the places you wish to emphasize and with the darker one – cover up everything that you wish to make smaller. Make sure to blend out any sharp edges to make the transition of colours nice and smooth. This way the face will be smooth and the makeup will look natural. What’s more, with the help of NYX Highlight & Contour Pro Palette you can contour not only the face but also your neck, arms, thighs, even belly.

Highlight & Contour Pro Palette from NYX Cosmetics 

In the rectangular container, you will find eight light and dark shades. They all have a dense formula and are highly pigmented. They are suitable for light complexion and ensure a natural look. However, if you do not feel the need to have all 8 shades, NYX offers individual face contouring products. You can choose from a range of 12 shades so everyone will find the perfect ones for their complexion.

Do you like to contour your face? What kind of products do you use for that purpose? Have you tried the Highlight & Contour Pro Palette from NYX Cosmetics? If so, let me know how it worked for you!

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