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You aren’t even aware that you cause damage to your hair every single day, are you? Mismatching care, hot air, unhealthy diet and plenty of other factors negatively influence the state of scalp. Find out what should be avoided to help your hairdo remain conditioned and the scalp healthy.

Protect your hair against high temperature

Unskilful use of a blow-dryer, a flat iron or a hair curler can fatigue your hair severely. High temperature and hot air lead to water and keratin evaporation from hair; and this causes split ends and is responsible for shine loss. Fortunately, there is an easy way thanks to which your hair can preserve moisturisation and condition. It will be enough to apply a heat protection cosmetics before proceeding with straightening, blow-drying or curling your hair. The form of such a product doesn’t really matter; it can be spray, mousse or oil. Just don’t apply too much of it.

Hair care and its needs

Admit, you sometimes apply hair care products which you don’t really need to. And you know that care aiming at a particular problem of scalp and strands is crucial. I know that you might find it difficult to recognize which products should be used to help your strands restore their health. Therefore, I suggest visiting either a dermatologist or a trichologist. I’m sure a doctor will help you match the cosmetics to your hair problems.

Hair experiments

Frequent colouring, lightening up and hot styling have negative impact on your scalp and hair, you know that. Hair dyes containing ammoniac dehydrate strands and can lead to serious scalp diseases. The aftermath of using devices generating high temperatures was mentioned above. All things considered, if you really care for having long and beautiful mane, try to limit the use of hair colourants and hot styling to the minimum.

Lack of an intensive hair reinforcing treatment

If you don’t carry out intensive hair reinforcing treatments, you don’t supply the strands with nourishing substances as you deprive them from the proper protection. Of course, together with regular hair washing, you should apply conditioners and masks. It’s also advisable to use herbal hair washes hair oils and ampules.

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