I’m going to scare you a bit today. You must know make-up can harm your health. Obviously, I won’t tell about natural products yet they can be bad for allergy sufferers. Enjoy reading!

What’s inside make-up products?

To be honest, only manufacturers know it and they’re not eager to share the info. What do we learn reading cosmetic labels? Not much. Names of some ingredients don’t tell us much. There are lots of allergens, comedogenic substances, synthetic colorants and other irritative substances. When can make-up be harmful?


Some girls apply them every day. Others do fill-ins every few weeks. Applying eyelash extensions entails a huge risk for the eyes and natural lashes. After the treatment, eyes are usually watery and red whereas natural eyelashes fall out after taking strips or clusters off. To make things worse, the adhesive may trigger allergies; when it gets into eyes, you suffer! Believe it or not, the same substances are used for fake lashes and preservation of clothes. Still feel like getting extensions?


The worst thing you can do to your skin. Microbes, that cause acne, blackheads and other serious diseases, proliferate under the coats of make-up. Besides, you will smudge the bedsheets. Even when you take make-up off but touch your face to a dirty pillow, you will get skin irritation anyway. Sleeping is supposed to be a pleasure and the skin should be regenerated, radiant and rested in the morning.


Using past the sell-by date cosmetics is a crime. Unfresh make-up products are the sources of damaging substances. If a cosmetic expires, get rid of it as fast as possible. Don’t keep it because you like it. Your health is far more important.

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