Hello Beautiful Beings,

Here comes the review of Nanoil Hair Oil that many of you were waiting for long.

Since the moment the product was launched onto the market, it created a lot of buzz among all hair-maniacs.


Because Nanoil is a profound breakthrough in regeneration and care both of hair and the scalp. No other oil is able to work such miracles as Nanoil can.

It’s possible because of a few reasons.

healthy hair thanks to Nanoil

The first reason is the destination of the Oil – I know, it sounds like some Zen philosophy, but really, there are no better words to describe this. Nanoil is the first hair oil on the market that aims at hair porosity, so we can say that the product is destined to the hair structure. Nanoil is an answer to a particular group of hair needs. This is simple and brilliant. To demonstrate, if your hair is thick and dense, heavy and deprived of volume (so low porosity) then you shouldn’t reach for products that will overburden hair even more.

Why do some cosmetics take care of the hair well, but the others leave your hair in the ruin? It all depends on whether a particular product matches with hair porosity or not. Most often it’s just a lottery because shampoos or conditioners are created for all types of hair, without having a one particular hair structure in mind. And this is what makes Nanoil so exceptional – it provides hair with care and regeneration that is strictly adjusted to a certain hair needs. It’s logical that damaged and dehydrated hair requires other substances than heavy and flat hair (it needs lightness and volume).

To put it differently, Nanoil is destined to a defined group of hair types so it can adjust to their structures. After all, it’s the product that must adjust to the hair, not the other way round… So far, we have been checking out whether our hair would adjust to a particular hair mask or a conditioner. Finally, the lottery has just come to an end, my dear 😀 It’s time to intensive and the utmost hair care.

Nanoil oil rich in substancesThe second reason why Nanoil is so popular is owned to its composition.

Actually, Nanoil isn’t just one but three different products, each of them designed for a particular hair type. It’s super easy to choose the product for yourself since all you have to do is run the on-line porosity test. It’s available here:


On this website you can also find clear explanations what hair porosity is and why it’s so essential in hair care. Therefore, it’s worth entering the web page to learn something new.

When you finally define your hair porosity, click on a particular bookmark that each of the oils has. My hair is high porosity because – and here comes a precious information for you – curly hair is high porous by its nature. As you probably figured this out, my Nanoil version is dedicated to high porosity hair therefore I’m going to describe my impressions connected with the use of this oil.

Nanoil hair oil

Nanoil for high porosity hair is a combination of 6 oils that match damaged hair of poor condition. We’ve got in the composition the following substances: Cotton Seed Oil, Passion Fruit Oil, Avocado Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Argan Oil and Almond Oil. And this isn’t where the beauty of Nanoil ends because the product also contains vitamins, UV filter, keratin, panthenol, lanoline and two vegetable complexes that stimulate hair growth and prevent hair loss.

The most convincing reason, for me, which made me buy Nanoil is the fact that it stimulates hair growth by accelerating its extension and thickening the entire hairdo. I’ve been using Nanoil for two months and I have to admit that my hair hasn’t only become moisturised in the right way and bouncy (I can’t remember my curls looking so good because normally they resemble a haystack) but also my hair is gradually getting more body, day after day. Right above my forehead, where I used to have ‘chickling plumage’, which is tiny, non-growing, thinned hair, I noticed a sudden hair growth – it became thicker and denser along the entire forehead line. Ladies and Gentlemen, Nanoil works! I’m just brimming over with joy!

Another marvellous feature of Nanoil is the fact that the hair oil lacks parabens, silicones, alcohols and other weird comedogenic stuff we don’t want to and shouldn’t apply to our hair and scalp. It’s wonderful, pure, natural and unadulterated with nothing. So innocent yet so brave 🙂 It takes care of hair and reinforces the strands and the scalp because it is completely safe and designed to regenerate hair bulbs DEEPLY, not to just tickle our strands 😀

As I mentioned before, I’ve been using Nanoil for two months. Before I started the treatment my hair had been thin and thinned. My curls refused to be well-styled, they lacked moisturisation, reinforcement and elasticity. My hair was falling out and that wasn’t even the worst that was happening. I faced the problem of receding hair… when I was setting the strands in a ponytail, it was plain to see that I was losing the hair 🙁 Just imagine how it must have looked like.

After a two-month treatment with Nanoil my poor ‘chickling plumage’ regenerated to such a degree that it is no longer frizzy even when the humidity is high. My strands are shiny, full of gloss and vigour. Hair stopped falling out, is neither brittle nor breakable, and what is the most important, my hair IS GROWING!Nanoil - effects before and after

The Oil is efficient, I apply it two times per week to dry hair and to my scalp. The use is a child’s play:


And that’s all.

This is all the hair needs to become beautiful as it has never been before.

Girls (and boys), if you have any problems with hair, I encourage you to use this hair oil. Viva el Nanoil! <3

12 Comments “Nanoil hair oil – Worth it! My review”

  1. Laura

    It is worth to underline the fact that it has UV filter. Not many people know that in the summer, the sun damages hair a lot. It needs to be protected just like the skin.

  2. Miley

    In general good composition+ this filter, must try it 😀

  3. Patti

    I apply a bit to dry hair everytime I go to a tanning studio

  4. SugarKane

    It’s great that there is three to choose. / I have never came across oils for various hair types 🙂

  5. Elena

    good stuff 🙂

  6. Claudia

    I had nanoil for low porosity hair and sadly it didn’t work for me. I think I should use the one for high porosity hair and I will order it, because the fragrance is amazing.

  7. Jovi

    I have the same problem. More and more hair is falling out and is sooo thin. I have so visible receding hairline that I’m afraid to tie my hair :/ I use castor oil fo quite some time now, but still no improvement

    • Monique26

      Oils are great for hair, but that they work on hair growth I have never heard before! 😀

      • Judith

        a scalp massage will boost hair growth

  8. Maddie

    for me it wasn’t entirely helpful! Hair may stopped falling out, but is so heavy. Maybe I chose the wrong oil for my hair type.. but yeah I had a lot of those tiny new hair 🙂

  9. Sasha

    Maddie, if you have the impression that the oil weighs your hair down, then maybe try changing the way of application. For examle, you can only apply it before bedtime and wash out in the morning or 2hrs before shampooing. Maybe you should use less oil, especiall if it’s after washing. I am sure you’ll find the best method for yourself 🙂

  10. Paula M.

    I ordered this oil mainly because it’s silicone and paraben free. The shampoos I use do not contain these ingredients as well


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