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Everything has its time. Even the beauty treatments. Some of them should be undergone only during autumn or winter, the other procedures can be carried out at any time of the year. If the ‘beauty time’ has come for you as well then find out when to get the show on the road.

Spring beauty treatments

During this time it’s worth focusing on body shaping, losing a few unnecessary pounds and fighting these cellulite and stretch marks. Surely, you may make a good use of laser hair removal procedure. However, please bear in mind that March is the last month when you can expose your body to this treatment. It’s all about the safety. In plain words, in March the sun isn’t that strong so as to cause possible discolouration after the procedure. The situation starts gradually changing when April comes.

Summer beauty treatments

It’s the best time for regenerative and moisturising treatments. Masks and massages are the most advisable especially for dehydrated, dull and fatigued skin. During the summer, sun protection is fairly crucial, too. Therefore, before you leave your home always apply UV filter which will counteract discolorations and fine lines. Moreover, this period of year is perfect to undergo tooth whitening or wrinkle removal due to Botox. High temperature and solar radiation won’t pose any problem here.

Autumn beauty treatments

In autumn, go for removing discolorations, evening skin tone, undergoing dead epidermis exfoliation procedures and making skin supple again. All exfoliating and lifting procedures will be exceptionally useful in this case. Once autumn settles for good, expose yourself to chemical peelings, laser sun-induced pigmentation marks removal and microdermabrasion combined with other procedures. Moreover, this time of year is perfect for reinforcing blood capillaries as well as getting capillary and sensitive skin ready for the upcoming winter.

Winter beauty treatments

First and foremost, you can go on undergoing the very treatments you have started in autumn. Therefore, continue removing discolorations and wrinkles, exfoliating dead epidermis cells as well as nourishing and rejuvenating skin. The most popular winter treatments are laser, herbal peelings, mesotherapy or microneedling fractional radiofrequency (MFR). This last treatment facilitates stretch marks removal, restoring suppleness to skin, smoothing wrinkles, eliminating scars and discolorations as well as it is able to free you from hyperhidrosis.

What types of treatments are you going to give a try to this year, girls?

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