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It has very important place in my cosmetic bag. It comes handy in every situation, can even replace an eye shadow. What is it? Obviously, I’m talking about blusher. For a very long time, I was learning how to use it properly. I decided to dedicate this entry to share my knowledge with you.

Why do I use blusher?

Blusher provides an effect of fresh skin, ensures girly charm and complements every romantic make-up. However, I use this cosmetic for entirely different reasons. I contour my face with a blusher, emphasise cheekbones. If I use dark and intense lipstick, I use softer cosmetics for eyes. Here’s really great blusher. It gives subtle effect and looks really effective. My favourite blushes are Blush Sculpt by L’Oreal and Lasting Finish by Rimmel.

Blusher — types

The easiest to use is pressed blusher. It is perfect for every skin type and for the application requires only a brush. Available are also creamy blushes. In spite of application that requires some more work and thorough tap in the skin, the final effect is very natural. Applied on a foundation or BB cream ensure the result of fresh skin. When choosing blusher, remember that its shade should be the same as the lip colour or cosmetic you are about to use on lips. What shade of blusher should you choose? There is no simple answer to it. Place product near your skin, match it with your skin complexion or ask a make-up artist for help.

How do I apply blusher?

I tap in the foundation and fix it with powder. Then under the cheekbones, I apply bronzer, which will emphasise colour of the blusher. It should be used from the ear along the cheek. For the application of the blusher, I use angled brush with a soft bristle. I use it on the top of cheekbones. Lastly, I complement make-up with a highlighter. I apply it right above the blusher. I blend all three cosmetics and spray my face with fixing mist.

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