Hello Girls,

I assume that everybody knows that mismatching care, the passage of time, hormone fluctuations, medications and undergone diseases are the factors that influence the state of our complexion. But do you know that there are also other factors which determine the look of our face skin? As if all that weren’t enough, you wouldn’t even associate these factors with the state of your skin.


Although everything is near you, buses arrive on time (almost) and each street houses shopping malls as well as clubs, city life influences your skin condition negatively. The air in cities is heavily polluted. Smog, car fumes and dust might irritate skin as well as contribute to blackheads and acne. For that reason, it’s so important to apply cosmetics containing antioxidants, regularly cleanse skin and shield it with a constant protection. The alternative solution? Move to the countryside.


I’m talking here about solar radiation, frost and strong wind. Burdensome are also black frost and sudden temperature fluctuations. Moreover, your skin isn’t content when you enter a warm room after spending long hours taking a stroll during the winter. Why? The capillaries start contracting and enlarging faster. The effect? Red spider veins on your face, irritations and hypersensitivity of skin. What should be done with that? Apply sunscreens and products that protect your face skin against low temperatures. In this case, it’s a good idea to reach for creams containing high SPF or preparations of dense formula, vitamins and moisturising substances.


Dry and hot air generated by the air conditioner also influences skin condition the wrong way. It can contribute to dehydration of epidermis, irritation and the feeling of contracted skin and stinging. Moreover, if an air conditioner isn’t regularly cleansed then the microorganisms which have gathered there can damage your skin, and to make the matters even worse, they can harm your entire organism. Can you deal with this somehow? Drink a lot of water, apply moisturising face mists or thermal spring water and use moisturising creams.


During common cold skin is irritated and reddened, lips are chapped, eyes feature dark circles around them as the ‘schnoz’ is in pain because of the running nose. Face starts housing imperfections and complexion’s colour turns into a dull one. Therefore, it’s worth delivering water to skin from the inside and outside. Don’t use face scrubs, avoid deeply cleansing masks. Also, pay an extra attention to your nose skin area.

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