As every woman, I love to buy and test new make-up products. I’ve got lots of them, literally everywhere… in the bathroom, drawers, on the dressing table. What about you, girls? How many make-up cosmetics do you have? Do you know what’s inside them?

Lip Make-Up Products

Lipsticks, lip gloss, lip balms, lip liners. They all work great in lip make-up. Wax, pigments, silicones, vitamins, oils, colourants and fragrances are among the ingredients. Some lip cosmetics deliver shine whereas others give a matte finish touch. Most lip products come with a brush or applicator that matches the lip shape. The others must be applied with a small, pointy brush.

Face Make-Up Products

This group includes powders and foundations in different formulas. Mattifying, camouflaging imperfections and preventing oily skin are main tasks of powders. Among the ingredients, you will find:

  • white pigments that provide coverage and hide blemishes;
  • coloured pigments that give a nice shade and even out the skin tone;
  • talc that makes the application easier;
  • kaolin that ensures matte effect;
  • preservatives that absorb moisture and prevent the proliferation of bacteria;
  • UV filters for sun protection;
  • emollients smoothing the skin.

Foundations are the fluid forms of powders. Apart from camouflaging the imperfections and evening out the skin tone, they hydrate the skin, deliver vitamins, smooth wrinkles and help treat inflammation.

Eye Make-Up Products

Eyeshadows and mascaras are the most popular. Eyeshadow can come in different forms – loose, pressed, creamy. A mascara gives volume, length and curl; it contains, among others, polymers, silicones, waxes and pigments. The first ones add elasticity. Silicones make the use easy, waxes make lashes thicker whereas pigments provide an intense colour.

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