A good moisturizer, superb face serum plus a vitamin-packed smoothie are essential to give the skin the nourishment and energy, making it bounce back. See my remedies for wonderful skin and less wrinkles!

Younger skin with a face serum

My skin is really moody and it loses the desired plumpness fast. Obviously, I know it’s going to start sagging one day but I do my best to delay the inevitable… The first lines have already arrived but I try to make them less noticeable.

Intensive plumping with an effective anti-aging serum is what my skin needs. I’m aware that products featuring a long list of tongue-twisting names are actually low in active substances. That is why I fell for a Nanoil face serum based on vitamin C: it has very good ingredients, just a few of them, and the best form of vitamin C which quickly penetrates the skin, not breaking down on its way to the dermis. WOW!

Nanoil Vitamin C Serum is suitable both for morning and evening use. I prefer to “feed” the best products to my skin before bedtime because the night is actually the best time for the skin since it undergoes the most important and the strongest repair process. That is why a good serum paired with a rich moisturizer is the secret to my successful nighttime skin-care routine. Try the brilliant vitamin C serum from Nanoil. I use it together with a moisturizer rich in plant stem cells which perfectly fight all signs of skin aging, plump up the face and improve density.

A good day moisturizer

This is as important as the night product. I live a busy life and have been noticing my skin’s been looking tired and limp recently. It’s gone sallow too. And that’s why I’ve picked an energizing cream from Yves Rocher. It contains 7 plant extracts that brilliantly stimulate repair skin. Whenever my skin feels strongly dehydrated, I use a Nanoil hyaluronic serum before the cream. I bought it with my vitamin C serum and it’s really cool too (it contains low molecular weight HA which is strong and ensures absorption into a deeper layer of skin).

Nourish inner layers of skin with a vitamin-packed smoothie

It’s been known forever, you are what you eat. So, feed your skin from within, delivering a dose of vitamins. A smoothie isn’t necessary, though. You just need to try to provide the skin with some vitamins every day: mix plain yogurt with some grapefruit juice, raspberries, currants or bearberries. Did you know that powerful polyphenols are included in all fruits? These “ingredients of youth” work like a beauty elixir! They stimulate microcirculation and restore shine and plumpness in tired skin. Two weeks with vitamins and you won’t recognize your own face!

Do you know any recipes for antiaging smoothies? Let me know. Take care!

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