Do you use any tricks to make a lipstick or highlighter last for longer or to make lashes longer in no time? Make-up artists have some hacks and we share them: see how to keep your lipstick from getting on the teeth or stop white residue from dry shampoo!

Long-lasting glow!

Highlighter is definitely best for getting a rested looking-face and distracting attention from the wrinkles! To intensify the effect, apply some petroleum jelly on the cheekbones and then follow with a highlighter. The amazing glow will last for many hours!

Make your lipstick longer-lasting

I’m sure most of you heard of this trick but I mention it for the ones who didn’t. To make your lip make-up last for longer, apply a layer of your lipstick, softly press a tissue to the lips, and sprinkle them with some loose powder. Naturally, use as little product as possible. Reapply the lipstick if you like. Your make-up will stay on all day or night!

Keep lipstick off your teeth!

Probably every woman’s been there. Lipstick on the teeth looks tragic. Sadly this effect is very common if you use deep colors, plus it is really “eye-catching”. Any remedies? After applying lipstick, wrap a damp tissue around the index finger, place it between pursed lips and pull it out. The excess lipstick will get on the tissue, not your teeth!

Residue-free dry shampoo

It happens to all of us. We have no time to wash the hair so dry shampoo comes to rescue leaving it fresh. To avoid the white residue, you can spray some dry shampoo on the roots before bedtime. The hair will be fresh, smooth and soft when you wake up! Grab a trick from a pro hair stylist: if you run out of dry shampoo, use rice or potato flour, and for dark hair – try cocoa! Apply it on the scalp, massage it in and comb the hair. Voila!

Tips for longer lashes

Fake extensions cause serious damage to our own lashes. There’s a trick you can use instead and make them thicker and longer: apply the first coating of mascara; before it dries, sprinkle some loose powder or rice flour on the lashes, and apply another layer of mascara. The “wow” effect is guaranteed!

There is also a remedy for more patient girls who are ready to wait slightly longer for the effects (a few weeks) but they’re definitely worth it. Naturally, I mean a lash serum. Nanolash is my favorite, giving the best results in a record time!

Long-wear nail polish

Nail polish chipping is common and I know this gripe very well. There’s a remedy, though. Use a top coat (Sally Hansen works well) – not only while doing the manicure. Reapply it every other day to keep the color untouched.

Do you know any other hacks for long-wear make-up, fresh hairdo or longer lashes in a flash? Share them in a comment, please!

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