Before having hair colored we often face a dilemma about the color tone and coloring technique. That’s why I decided to make the task at least a little bit easier for you. Let me tell you which color to choose for your hair, style and character. Enjoy reading!

How to get round to hair color changes?

1. One tone

The easiest way to go blonde. You simply choose one color and that’s it. This type of treatment can be carried out at home (this applies to bleaching too). Who is going to make the most of this technique? All of you who value low price and possibility of performing the procedure comfortably at home. Just be careful because one-tone color might look unnatural and it is likely to take away volume if you’ve got fine hair.

2. Ombre

It’s a technique which involves lightening the ends and darkening the roots. Who is going to make the most of this popular technique? It looks good on thick and long hair, curly and wavy strands, makes a perfect choice for women who like to stand out but have no time for regular salon appointments. Ombre looks bad on oily and straight hair.

3. Balayage

The procedure involves applying a few similar hues. It must look like one color flows into another one. Balayage looks lovely on fine hair, short and long tresses. It’s a timeless choice that suits every woman.

Which blonde shade to go for?

It’s not a challenge. The color must go along with your beauty type, skin tone and clothes you wear. You can choose between:

  • wheat blonde: universal shade, one of gentle, warm tones, suits lots of beauty types;
  • platinum blonde: one of cool tones so it doesn’t suit everyone because it brings out imperfections;
  • bronde: a perfect choice for brunettes, it combines bronze and blonde, the balayage technique gives best effect.

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