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Today, on my blog, a review of a real pearl which I’ve recently bought on the net, and I’m so astonished at the effect that I decided to dedicate an entire post to describing my fight for beautiful lashes. I’m honoured to present you eyelash and eyebrow serum – Nanolash. However, before I tell you something about it, let me write a few introductory words first.

How did my eyelashes look before the treatment?

I have to admit that I’ve never experienced big problems with eyelashes, yet, on the other hand, they didn’t look as I wanted them to look. They always lacked a few mm of length so I couldn’t resign from attaching clumps for heavy make-up. I didn’t want to extend them therefore I was looking for some alternatives. I came across eyelash serums and I decided to give them a go, secretly wishing that despite lengthening, my eyelashes would also gain some body 🙂

Which eyelash serums did I use?

Before I bought Nanolash, I had been using three other eyelash serums but most of them didn’t produce any effects on my eyelashes. One of them was Long4Lashes, the eyelash serum vaunted by many bloggers. Maybe the price is competitive but it doesn’t change much since my eyelashes remained the same 🙁 I decided to give a try to something more expensive and I went for Latisse. It’s said to be the first eyelash serum which was launched onto the market, but these one-use-only applicators and this horrible composition, and the very high price – no, no, no. The third purchase was Lashvolution, a less popular, slightly cheaper eyelash serum. Unfortunately, it didn’t serve my eyelashes either, despite the regular application and me following the producer’s instructions. I was slowly giving up because I thought that maybe my eyelashes were exceptionally resistant to the nourishing substances and that was the reason they wouldn’t grow?

I came across Nanolash by accident, browsing Internet drugstores. I was encouraged by the approach the producers adopted, I mean, they cope with the problem of short and thin eyelashes substantively, proposing logic solutions, without beating around the bush 😉 Therefore, I made a decision to fight for my eyelashes one more time.

What should you know about the serum Nanolash


What should you know about the serum?

  1. This serum stimulating eyelash growth and its composition is really simple and clear, which I highly value because of my previous experience with other eyelash serums. It features cool vegetable extracts, thanks to which, it strengthens eyelashes naturally.
  2. It’s colourless and has consistency of a runny gel, therefore, it doesn’t gain entry to eyes and after applying it to the eyelash root line, you can feel this pleasant and soothing cold.
  3. Nanolash features a thin brush made of orange bristle (the hair is synthetic, there is nothing of animal origins used to produce the bristle so I guess vegans will be content with this). The applicator is really convenient and small enough to facilitate the precise application of the serum right along the eyelash root line, which is a very important step.
  4. Admittedly, the eyelash serum has only 3 ml capacity, but you need no more than just a hint of the cosmetic for one use, just one brush stroke and that’s all; hence, I consider Nanolash as a very efficient product. It’s supposed to last 6 months of regular use (it’s worth pointing out that after 2-3 months it has to be used less frequently), but I don’t know that yet since I’ve been using it for 1,5 months 🙂
  5. I simply can’t forget to mention about the packaging. Nanolash is just lovely designed, cute, all you want to do with it is display it somewhere near the mirror and take shots of the tube.
  6. How to use it? I was positively surprised that Nanolash application isn’t that difficult at all. It’s obvious, you have to get used to applying the serum to the cleansed, make-up-free and dry eyelids, but, after all, it’s a regular stage of evening face care routine, isn’t it? Nanolash is supposed to be applied every day, but this becomes a habit easily, or, after all, I belong to the non-forgetful type of people and I have no problem with that.

How does it work in particular and what can you expect?

Nanolash is a professional eyelash serum which:

  • reinforces eyelash bulbs counteracting them falling out,
  • accelerates natural cycle of eyelash growth,
  • encourages growth of new eyelashes so it makes the eyelash root line thicker,
  • it protects eyelashes against damages at, for example, make-up removal.

How does my eyelashes look like after 1,5 month of Nanolash use?

I’m amazed because in spite of the diversified effects one might experience (it depends on the individual body reactions to the substances), I was truly afraid that my ill-fated, non-cooperating eyelashes wouldn’t surrender this time. To my surprise, they got along with Nanolash without any problem and, what surprised me even more, it was plain to see that they started growing at the beginning of the 3rd month! After a month, they were longer and I could notice tiny eyelashes in the place where there were ‘gaps’ on my eyelash line. Currently, my eyes are clearly defined because the eyelashes have become thicker and I guess they are even slightly darker, although I’m not sure if it isn’t just optical illusion 😉

Nanolash Treatment Benefits

I leave my eyelashes under Nanolash supervision because the effects are surprisingly good. Probably, once the treatment is over, I’ll put aside my eyelash extending mascara. Do you want to learn more about the product? Enter the official website – nanolash.co.uk

32 Comments “Nanolash eyelash serum | That’s it! | Review”

  1. Roo

    It’s finally here!! I was waiting so long for this review to happen! 😀 Thanks!

  2. Miss_me

    I got this conditioner as a gift and applied it regular every evening. After 3 months eyelashes were longer and become stronger because stopped falling out during make-up removal then it was denser. After applying the mascara it looks so impressive almost like a false lashes. Definitely recommend

  3. Aggie90

    I’m constantly asked whether I have extensions or what mascara I use 🙂 also after nanolash 😀

  4. Anitha

    After l4l it was quite okay but lashes get back to their standard length pretty fast and I hoped that the effect will be a bit more long-lasting.

    • Marlene

      I was disappointed with revitalash. For this price I expected one spectacular effect.

  5. Bianco

    I read about this conditioner on an another blog, apparently revolutionary, now after reading your review I want to buy it even more badly 😀

  6. Caroline

    when it comes to Latisse, I wouldn’t buy it for such a price even if effects would be marvelous. I had l4l and wasn’t delighted with the result.

  7. Martin

    How’s this happen that I never heard of this serum before? Have some catching up to do 😀

  8. Amelia_x

    I know this serum and like it a lot. First thing to notice when I used it was that it quickly strengthened eyelashes, literally after few or several days it stopped falling out then started grow like crazy 😀

  9. Alexis

    to me nanolash is the best eyelash serum right now

    • Barb

      for me it’s same as revitalash, had both and see no difference

  10. Anonymous

    I liked Lashvolution at first, like first bottle. When I get to the second, I got some irritations. For now I’m taking a break but I will probably use this type of eyelashes conditioners in the future because I’m addicted to the long eyelashes 😀

  11. Vicki

    I definitely have darker eyelashes. I always had fair ends but now are all dark

  12. NatB

    wow, I may stop using mascara 😀

  13. Delila

    sadly I’m the forgetting type and every cosmetic that needs systematic use is not for me. Sadly!!

  14. Sylvie

    I used once eyelash serum but my lashes started to fall out and I stopped immediately

    • Vicki

      it happens even with the best serum, first the weak ones fall out and in their place grow new and stronger.

  15. Martha C.

    Know it, use it and recommend to all the girls 😀 😉

  16. Mica94

    seriously, this bottle lasts for six months???

    • Alexandra

      🙂 I was worried about that too but is last the full six months. I used it just as in the instruction, 3 months everyday in the evening then 3 months about every 2-3 days. Well, effect is superb! 😉

  17. Una W

    i’d love to try but the fact that you have to be regular is discouraging..

    • Maddie

      even miraculous product will not work if not used systematically 😉

  18. Melanie

    Just ordered. Perhaps I will finally make habit of thorough make-up removal before going to bed 😛 😀

  19. Ronya

    Very good serum in every way and the price is okay too as for cosmetic like this.

  20. Mmmm

    For me almost as good as revitalash. First I had revitalash then I ordered nanolash ’cause I heard that it is really good and more affordable and now I use only nano.

  21. Igy22

    Do you think it will help with eyebrows? Have any of you tried it??

    • Sasha

      Sure! You can go ahead and use it on eyebrows. The applicator in nanolash is great for it and will help you apply it anywhere your brows need to be denser 😉

      • X_Nadia_X

        I used it on lashes and brows and let me tell’ya difference is huge!! had this problem that were fair and thin and after using this serum look amazing. Way better!

  22. Ronny

    Same here 😀 the difference is for the better 😉

  23. MaggieVegas

    where can I get it because I haven’t see it in any store :/

    • Sasha

      on the producer official website and it is the best way to get it. You should try a pack of two- its cheaper this way 😉

      • Alexandra

        ordered 3 with friends of mine and it is even cheaper 😛


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