I can’t deny this, multi-purpose cosmetics are my favourite ones. One of them is BB cream One & Done by Naked Skin. To me, it replaces concealer, foundation and sometimes even primer. If you are curious what this cosmetic performance is, keep reading my entry. Feel invited to get acquainted with it.

What does make One & Done an exceptional cosmetic?

Surely, BB cream One & Done is a product that serves many purposes. Of course, I’m talking here about make-up and face skin care. This cosmetic produced by Naked Skin hides imperfections, nourishes complexion and protects from solar radiation. Moreover, One & Done camouflages discolorations, redness and dark circles under eyes gifting skin with pretty tone. It was more than once when I found out that I needed neither foundation nor powder to get perfect make-up. Moreover, One & Done by Naked Skin is able to highlight complexion gifting it with natural and healthy shine. You know what? It isn’t all! This BB cream also nourishes and moisturises skin. Owning to SPF 20, the product shields against UV radiation and this translates into combating discolorations and wrinkles.

How to apply One & Done by Naked Skin?

I use BB cream One & Done by Naked Skin every day when I apply make-up to work. I don’t use any foundation nor mattifying powder because I like the delicate and controlled shine on my face. Before putting on One & Done, I apply a moisturising cosmetics; in most cases it is just a regular face cream of natural composition. Then, I tap One & Done into skin precisely. I pay an extra attention to jawline, hair line and ear skin area because I hate wearing this mask-like effect.

This might interest you

What else should you know about BB cream One & Done od Naked Skin? Well, it is closed in a 40 ml tube with a pump applicator. I have to admit honestly that I was surprised when I saw such a dispenser going with a tube. Anyway, this pump facilitates application of the product, no second thoughts about this issue. What are the shades of BB cream by Naked Skin? And here is where the drawback appears. One & Done is available only in four shades: Light, Medium Light, Medium and Medium Dark. These are beige and brown shades which might not appear to be suitable for every girl. Luckily, I managed to overcome this problem by mixing the foundation with a moisturising cream.

Do you also like multi-purpose products?

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