Mouth wash for exfoliating dry skin on feet? It’s not a joke! I was also skeptical at first so I understand that the idea ‘mouth wash in foot care’ can sound stupid. I’ll try to convince all non-believers that it makes sense. Enjoy reading today’s post!

Time for beautiful feet!

We love to show beautiful feet, wear fancy sandals and run along the sandy beach in summer. You probably know that skin doesn’t look the way we would like it after long months of wearing heavy winter footwear. Summer is the time for the right foot care, exfoliating epidermis and softening skin. I began the treatment two weeks ago and carry on to maintain the effects. The skin on my heels looks much better than it did before this foot care madness.

My method – Vinegar + Mouth Wash

What do you need?

  • apple cider vinegar
  • mouth wash
  • some warm water
  • pumice stone

The list of ingredients isn’t long. This combination can be surprising but why don’t you try out treating your feet to such a bath? You’ll see if you like the effects and if it’s a good technique for regular foot care.

Prepare a big bowl to comfortably soak feet. Pour the same amount of warm water, mouth wash and vinegar so the mixture slightly covers your feet. Soak your feet for 10-20 minutes. Next, scrub the dead skin cells off with pumice. After drying the feet, you should apply your favorite moisturiser.

What are the effects?

The magic of the treatment comes from the qualities of vinegar and mouth wash. Both substances have exfoliating power as they include acids that dissolve dead and dry skin cells. Soaking feet in the mixture helps you get rid of the calloused skin and enjoy smoothness.

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