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More and more women start applying mineral cosmetics. Why? Apart from serving all skin types well, they deliver care and cure. Moreover, their lifespan is exceptionally long, they provide marvellous skin imperfections coverage and pose great make-up finish. Is it possible to do something which will extend the lifespan of mineral cosmetics even more and help them stay true on face longer? Keep reading my entry to find this out.

Better skin imperfection coverage thanks to mineral foundation

Generally speaking, all mineral cosmetics deliver fine coverage. On the other hand, the level of skin imperfection hiding depends on the accessories you use and how you apply particular products. Therefore, if you would like to hide the blemishes, follow the pieces of advice I’m going to mention below. First of all, use either a brush the bristle of which is cut flat or a flat top sponge. Such accessories have larger surface which facilitates even application of mineral cosmetics. When it comes to putting the products on, use a stamp motion by tapping either the brush or a sponge on you face. Basically, you can also apply a few layers of the cosmetic or use another product with a high coverage factor. Last but not lease, for me, mixing a foundation with a concealer is a very interesting solution. If you do this in the right way, you will be satisfied with the results.

How to help a mineral foundation adjust to the complexion’s shade better?

Probably you thought that I’m going to discuss the issue of matching a shade of a cosmetic with your skin tone. To some extent this is exactly what I’m about to do. In fact, there are many ways to match a mineral foundation to your complexion. For example, apply a moisturising cream and a make-up primer. These two cosmetics help your complexion gain pretty look, even and properly conditioned. It is also very important to put on thin layers of the foundation and pat them using circular motions.

How to extend lifespan of a mineral foundation?

First of all, choose a moisturising cream of light consistency. Don’t apply dense and rich cosmetics which can create an unsightly layer on your face when combined with mineral cosmetics. Before applying make-up, collect the excess of sebum by using oil-control blotting paper or just a regular tissue. Also, remember about a make-up primer – it will extend the lifespan of the entire make-up, surely. Sometimes, it’s also a good idea to provide the skin with an extra hydration thanks to a mist or thermal spring water.

And what are your ways of applying mineral cosmetics?

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