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In today’s post… a few makeup tips for women over 50. You will learn how to hide wrinkles, brighten the skin and make your face look younger. I will also tell you about mature skin makeup mistakes to be avoided. Enjoy reading!

One Rejuvenating Trick

To be honest, wrinkles don’t make you look old. Yes, they add a few years but it’s the greyish and dull skin shade that affects your looks. Tell your mum, grandma or aunt to go for pastel colours; they will gift them with fairer complexion and younger looks. Cool hues go with fair skin whereas apricot and light orange shades match warm skin tones.

Over-50 Makeup – Step by Step

Your mum, grandma or aunt should choose illuminating makeup primers. Shimmering pigments scatter the light and present skin with the youthful glow. A lifting foundation and transparent powder will also come in useful. Eyelids should be covered with the base as well; light eyeshadows will be longer-lasting. How to let your beloved ones enjoy voluminous lashes? They should paint a line from the middle of the eyelid, using a black pencil or eyeliner. Eyelashes must be coated with a lengthening and curling mascara. The shape of brows should make face look slimmer and ‘open’ the eyes. They should choose light blushers and a natural lipstick.

Mistakes to be Avoided in Over-50 Makeup

Tell your mum, grandma or aunt not to use eye pencils or soft brow pencils for their eyebrow makeup – applying eyeshadow with a brush makes a better choice. When it comes to eye makeup, pearl eyeshadow isn’t a good idea as it emphasises crow’s feet, under-eye dark circles and puffiness. Instead, they should draw a black line along the lash line and smudge it. The amount of applied foundation also matters. The less, the better. It should be lightweight and moisturising. Mature skin doesn’t need a mattifying powder. If you decide to use it, dust it over the oily T zone only.

If you know how to apply makeup to your mum, grandma or aunt, get to work! Your beloved ones will surely love it. 

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