Many people maintain the opinion that gym makeup makes no sense. After all, it is not a fashion show, but a place where you go to lose some pounds, strengthen your core and muscles and just move a little. What is your opinion on the matter? Is makeup in the workout room necessity or stupidity?

Gym makeup – yes or no?

Plenty of people exercise wearing makeup; a quite heavy one in some cases. It is quite a serious mistake which can result in skin condition worsening. Makeup free skin functions better and is less subject to imperfections. On the other hand, some ladies do not like to show themselves with no makeup in public, especially when they deal with some dermatological issues.

Which cosmetics should you avoid at the gym?

Keep in mind that even the highest quality beauty products will not survive a towel encounter. You have to quit:

  • heavy and high coverage foundation and concealer,
  • bronzer,
  • highlighter,
  • eyeshadows,
  • cosmetics that are not waterproof.

What makeup for the gym?

For the gym makeup use natural cosmetics with a light formula that won’t clog pores or contribute to imperfections. The best will be BB cream, mineral cosmetics, and waterproof cosmetics. These are cosmetics which action will be safe for the skin while the texture can handle the perspiration.

Makeup for the gym – the tips

If the makeup-gym combination does not frighten you, at least keep in mind those simple tips:

  1. Remember to cleanse the skin with gel and toner and to apply a moisturizing cream.
  2. Remove makeup as soon post-workout as possible.
  3. If you want to preserve makeup post-workout, refresh it with oil-blotting sheets. Do not add layers cause it will look fake.
  4. If you decide to remove makeup, remember about the correct skincare.

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