Summer’s finally here! I buried all wool socks, thick tights and warm boots long ago. The sandals’ time has come! However, shoes won’t look good if our feet are neglected in beauty care. That’s why today’s post will show you how to condition foot skin and how to do pedicure.

How I Care for Feet?

I treat my feet to mini SPA once a week. I pour warm water into a bowl and add soap, oil or other softening product. Sometimes, I like to add sea salt, essential oils, milk, fresh fruit, dried herbs or flowers. After more or less 30 minutes, I do a scrub. I use drugstore products and pumice stone. Three minutes are enough to remove dead skin cells and smooth skin on heels. Next, there is time for massage. Pressing feet is really relaxing. Afterwards, I apply moisturising masks or creams. Such products should contain hydrating and nourishing ingredients e.g. urea, vitamins, glycerol. I put on cotton socks and go to sleep.

My Pedicure

I do pedicure every two weeks. I use sharp nippers for cutting nails. Next, I polish them with buffer block. I use glass files for giving nails the right shape whereas buffer blocks help me smooth the nail surface. How I take care of cuticles? I never cut them to avoid infections. I use a wooden cuticle pusher or apply a professional product. Before painting nails, I spread a vitamin or protein conditioner. It doesn’t only nourish nails but also works as a primer – makes nail polish longer-lasting. Now, nails are primed for painting!

I paint nails myself. I have pedicure done at a beauty salon only when I plan on a home-away party or trip. I apply two layers of nail polish and a top coat. The last product protects the color from fading and keeps nails from splitting. Which hues I go for? I don’t follow any trends. I use shades I like. Sometimes I have matching color on hand and feet nails. Sometimes I like to paint fancy patterns or stick shimmering jets. Every two months I do a classic French pedicure.

What about your foot care routine, girls? 

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