There are a few important mature skin care rules. If you want to keep youthful and beautiful looks, use the right beauty products and try out good methods. Read my post to find out about the cosmetics and treatments I recommend.


The only way to keep your skin smooth, tight and radiant. Moisture allows for keeping the proper amount of collagen and elastin that provide skin elasticity. Lifting treatments shape breasts and smooth the skin. Use products abounding in vitamin A, hyaluronic acid, collagen, oil, amino acids and urea for delivering hydration and tightening. Apply the products both in the morning and evening. Avoid strong sunlight, hot baths and extreme temps. For better lifting effects, make a beautician’s appointment. During the therapy, use serums with vitamins A, C, E, peptides, hyaluronic acid and illuminating substances.


When your skin starts aging, enrich your diet with supplements. Vitamins and micro-nutrients will help you stay young-looking. Don’t forget about natural food products. How do vitamins work? Vitamin A boosts collagen production, skin repair and faster exfoliation of dead cells. Vitamin C evens out the skin tone, lightens pigmentation spots and strengthens the walls of blood vessels. Vitamin E ensures the protection against free radicals and smoothes wrinkles.


They also need care. The skin of hands is discolored and dry; substances, that we thought of as harmless, cause irritations. Therefore, always remember to apply a moisturising and nourishing hand lotion when you go out. Do an exfoliating scrub every few weeks for smooth skin and better absorption of active ingredients found in creams.

Don’t forget about your hairdo. Similarly to the skin, it ages rapidly, losing the natural shine, thinning, getting frizzy and static, being more prone to damage and dryness. How can you prevent it? Use moisturising masks and conditioners. Panthenol, aloe, butter and oil-enriched products work amazing. One more thing worth mentioning. With passing time, hair falls out whereas hair bulbs are weaker. You can stimulate their work with proper cosmetics or medicine.

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