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As you are well aware of, colour cosmetics can be applied twofold: wet and dry. Naturally, it’s easier to put on the cosmetics dry, and this is how we do our make-up more often. However, today, I’m going to tell you how to apply mineral make-up using either a damp brush or a damp sponge. I hope, you’ll enjoy reading the manual.

What to apply wet mineral make-up for?

In short, wet make-up is done to help the cosmetics melt into complexion and create natural effect easier. Thanks to using damp brushes or sponges, we can also intensify the shine of highlighters. This beauty hack is recommended especially to those with dry and dull face skin. Mineral make-up in its wet version is also suitable for those who prefer products of creamy consistency.

What to damp brushes and sponges with?

Maybe this will surprise you but to make your accessories slightly wet you can use tap water or mineral water. However, much better results will be obtained when you make use of thermal spring water or hydrolyte (flower water). Thanks to these liquids, your skin will be moisturised and nourished. When it comes to the make-up itself, it will look highly professional and its hold will be extended.

How to apply wet mineral make-up?

First of all, spray your bushes with a chosen liquid; keep ~4 inch distance between the accessory and the spray. Squeeze out the excess of water using a tissue. If you prefer using sponges, put them either into water or hydrolyte. Next, gather a small amount of a cosmetic with the applicator and press towards the skin. With the brush you can stamp or apply circular motions, whereas with the sponge you can tap and stamp. Another important issue to mention, in order to apply mineral make-up, you can use a foundation, a blusher, a bronzer or an eye shadow. Owning to this method, you can transform a loose eyeshadow into an eyeliner.

Wet mineral make-up. Summary

While applying mineral make-up wet, bear in mind a few important issues. Always damp the applicators in moderation; squeeze out the excess of water. Moreover, choose toners, hydrolytes, mists of thermal spring waters that do both: replenish your skin with hydration and nourish it. Additionally, collect only tiny amount of the colour cosmetics, thanks to which you’ll minimise obtaining the possible ‘mask effect’. Last but not least, if you notice blemishing marks on your face while applying make-up wet, grab a dry brush and try to fix this spot with it.

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