Hey, girls!

They take great care of the skin, abound in nutrients and deliver amazing effects. What do I mean? Sheet masks – the skincare stunners. Sadly, not all girls know how to apply the products the right way. The post will tell you how to properly use sheet masks.

Lack of make-up removal and cleansing

Before using a mask or any facial cream, you must take make-up off and thoroughly clean the skin. Exfoliation makes a good choice to get rid of dead cells and enhance absorption of nutrients. Applying a mask to dirty and make-up covered skin won’t bring any effects. You will waste the mask and – in the worst situation – get yourself irritations and blemishes.

Protective foil

It would surely disturb the working of cosmetics. What is the protective foil? Lots of masks are protected in this way from dirt, damage and drying out of nutrients. You must take the foil off so the mask’s ingredients can penetrate the deeper layers of the skin.

Careless application

Sheet masks must nicely cling to the skin. Otherwise, they won’t deliver any benefits. After removing the mask from the packaging, put it on cleansed face and press to make sure it fits. Match the holes to lips, nose and eyes and make sure there are no air bubbles under the mask. Cut the excess of the material. If the mask is too small, try to stretch it.

Mask staying on face too long

Contrary to appearances, leaving the product in longer than instructed on the packaging won’t give any extra benefits. Moreover, the mask will start drying out and sticking to the skin. Ripping a dry piece of cotton off isn’t nice. To make things worse, the dried masks will absorb moisture from the skin. Result? Dry and wrinkled face.

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