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If your skin is dry, discolored or affected by first wrinkles, you’d better start the right skincare immediately. Use products that answer the needs of your skin type. Search for suitable ingredients: vitamins, acids and micro-nutrients.


To fight acne and reduce its breakouts, you’ll need products rich in sulfate and salicylic and almond acids. The first substance absorbs the excess of sebum, controls the function of sebaceous glands and reduces the number of bacteria responsible for acne. Salicylic acid purifies skin pores, speeds up epidermis repair and boosts exfoliation. Almond acid has antibacterial properties, smooths wrinkles and brightens pigmentation spots.


Cosmetics with glycolic acid, vitamin C and retinol are amazing wrinkle fighters. Glycolic acid reaches the deepest layers of skin, reduces wrinkles and fine lines, brightens discolorations, removes acne and blackheads. The other ingredient – vitamin C – destroys free radicals, illuminates the skin and protects it from damaging external aggressors. Retinol has antioxidant benefits, boosts production of collagen and helps treat acne and eczema. What’s more, it evens skin tone and ‘irons’ wrinkles.


Kojic acid, azelaic acid and quinol will help. The last one lightens pigmentation spots. It delivers good effects in combination with kojic and azelaic acids. Moreover, the acids promote the skin regeneration, help heal acne and smooth wrinkles.


Make use of ceramides, vitamin E and fatty acids to moisturise dry skin. Ceramides are most useful in eczema and psoriasis treatment; it hydrates and prevents wrinkles. Vitamin E – known as vitamin of youth – delays skin aging, intensively moisturises and shields from free radicals. Fatty acids deliver the proper level of water in the skin and seal its protective lipid barrier.


In your skincare routine, use kaolin clay, almond acid and BHA acids. The clay dries acne blemishes, absorbs sebum and controls sebaceous glands. BHA acids clean skin pores, heal wounds and help get rid of acne. What are almond acid benefits? Look at: ACNE-PRONE SKIN.

I hope my list of skin-friendly products will help you care for your face! 

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