Do you know the benefits of aloe vera? Have you ever tried it as a skin or hair product? Did you know you can use it instead of an ordinary moisturizer? Find all aloe fun facts and must-know info below!

Aloe is said to have been used in beauty care for a long time and it’s grown in popularity recently. Nearly every woman has it in her bathroom. I also got myself aloe gel a few months ago even though I’d always had aloe vera in a pot in my family house but it didn’t make us think of cosmetics. It was simply a form of decoration.

Once I started using aloe in my beauty care, I fell in love with its qualities. It ideally goes with my needs and precisely handles my problems.

First things first, though… 🙂

What is aloe actually?

Aloe plant has a truly characteristic structure. It is a succulent which collects water in its leaves which is essential for surviving harsh conditions. After cutting the leaves in half, you can literally squeeze out the gel. Even though there are around 550 species of aloe (a real aloe army!), each one – huge African or the one you grow at home – has equally thick leaves and spiky edges.

Aloe. What does the marvel conceal?

At first, when I looked at the watery gel I thought it was just useless water. I was wrong because this simple aloe gel really houses dozens (or even hundreds) valuable ingredients.

  • minerals, including zinc, potassium, copper, sodium, iron, calcium
  • essential fatty acids: linoleic and linolenic
  • lupeol, that is natural salicylic acid
  • precious pro-vitamin A, known as beta carotene
  • a full set of vitamins B, including beneficial folic acid
  • unsurprisingly: vitamins C and E
  • polysaccharides (sugars) and plant sterols

The list is much longer… I’ve read somewhere that aloe vera may contain even 140 various precious substances!

Round-up of aloe vera properties

Aloe is highly-rated both in cosmetology and medicine. It is known for its healing power and an amazing conditioning effect.

What does aloe have to offer actually?

  1. Repair – it triggers the repair of lipid layer of the epidermis, as well as speeds up healing of sunburns, scalds and the skin irritated due to insect bites, frostbite, aesthetic medicine procedures and micro-damage.
  2. Moisture boost – it is a strong humectant which rebuilds NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factor).
  3. Nutrient boost and revitalization – it delivers precious nutrients, helps keep the skin pH acidity, strengthens skin cells and hair bulbs, increases blood flow, beautifies.
  4. Full protection – not only does it shield skin from the loss of valuable moisture but also works as a natural sunscreen and protects from the nasty free radicals.
  5. Anti-aging effect – it stimulates proper body cells to synthesize collagen and elastin – two substances that are essential for skin to keep firm and elastic, as well as delay the unwanted wrinkles.
  6. Solving problems – it answers the needs of all skin types bothered by some problems e.g. it kills bacteria, prevents inflammation and has a sebostatic effect (sebum level control) on acne-prone skin.

Cosmetic uses of aloe

There’s a cool thing about aloe gel (fresh gel extracted from the leaves or a ready-made gel) – you can use it in all beauty fields with guaranteed success. Apply it to your hair, skin, face, nails and scalp… Regardless of their types and problems.

The multi-tasking appears through working as a base or additive to homemade beauty products. Beside that, you can use it separately or instead of many other cosmetics e.g. conditioners, masks, creams, lotions, scalp treatments, etc.

HIT. Aloe gel in place of a moisturizer

Aloe stunned me when I first used it as a face moisturizer. I was shocked how wonderfully it fulfils the role!

Just look at its benefits – they sound like a description of a flawless moisturizer. Not only does aloe moisturize, enhance repair, control skin functions and beautify but also heals various ailments and has an unflawed consistency. It is truly lightweight, a bit watery so it easily glides on the skin, fully absorbs and you need a tiny amount to ensure proper moisture.

Brief sum-up

Aloe is a life-changing ingredient for all skin types and it comes straight from nature. It is spectacular in every respect!

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