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Skin is the biggest organ of humans. It hides many secrets which we will probably never discover. Fortunately, we know much enough to treat skin the right way (matched care) and protect skin against the sun and cold. What else would you like you know to about skin?

Emotions and skin

As it appears, emotions have an immense impact on the skin condition. Indeed, our bigger organ reacts on stress, embarrassment and fear. Also, it changes accordingly to the lifestyle we are leading at a particular time. If you don’t moisturise and refrain from supplying the skin with the proper amount of essential substances, it becomes dry and dull. Did you know that our skin also reacts on some mental disorders as well as mood swings, such as depression, affliction and apathy. In this situation, your skin can become affected by acne, psoriasis and atopic dermatitis.

Sun and skin

On one hand, it harms our skin but, on the other, it makes skin look pretty; it also influences the entire organism. Shortage of the sun negatively influence our psyche, and its excess causes discolorations and wrinkles. If you want to supply yourself with the right dosage of the sun, apply moisturising cosmetics and sunscreens before exposing yourself to it. When you take a stroll or plan a holiday somewhere in warm countries, don’t forget to pack a hat and big shades.

Water and skin

Have you ever wondered why hand and foot skin gets wrinkled? These are the very body parts which are especially prone to hornification (therefore it is thicker). Also, it contains greater concentration of salt which during longer baths absorbs water, ‘swells up’ and gets wrinkled. What’s interesting, in sea salt water hand and foot skin remains smooth constantly.

Goose pimples

When does it appear? Goose pimples is the reaction of an organism to danger. I bet you have seen a cat or a dog bristled. Animals behave that way to look bigger and more dangerous. When it comes to humans, it’s just a carry-over from evolution, which nowadays practically doesn’t play any important role. We get goose pimples when we are cold. The skin gets ‘bigger’ to maintain temperature at the right level.

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