Invasive aesthetic medicine procedures are growing in popularity. More and more women are going for hyaluronic injections, botox or thread face lift. If you don’t overdo the treatments, the effect is amazing and your face looks natural, youthful and healthy. Only a professional doctor knows how to manage a syringe filled with a cosmetic to achieve the right goal. What invasive treatments can you choose between?

Botulinum toxin – Botox

Botox is a neurotoxin that has been originally used for treating… cross-eyes. Now, it is used for smoothing wrinkles. How does botox act? The liquid is injected under the skin and hinders muscle contractions. As a result, crow’s feet, lip and nose lines are ‘ironed’. The use of botulinum toxin is said to be safe yet the post-treatment complications may have a serious impact on the body and mental health. Applying large quantities of botox in the wrong places could cause the paralysis of muscles.

What does the procedure look like? Anesthesia isn’t necessary as you barely feel any pain. The doctor uses thin needles and the so-called insulin syringes. You can notice first effects after several days; they last up to six months. The botulinum toxin is also used for face contouring (e.g. enhancing the shape of nose, chin and… calves), eliminating the excessive sweating and reducing the migraine.

Hyaluronic acid for the youthful looks

Injecting the face or other body parts with hyaluronic acid is as popular. The substance is known for its rejuvenating, shaping and wrinkle-smoothing properties. Apart from reducing the lines, the acid moisturises the skin, boosts the production of collagen and helps get rid of imperfections. There are several types of hyaluronic acid. The one made up of larger molecules is used for face and lips whereas the one of smaller molecules – hydrates and enhances the skin. The effects last up to twelve months.

Face lift threads

Where there’s a needle, there must be a … thread. Yes, you can ‘stitch up’ the wrinkle-covered face. What does the treatment involve? It is carried out with the topical anesthesia and delivers mind-blowing results. Different sizes of threads are put under the skin to improve the synthesis of collagen. You spot the effects right after the procedure and enjoy a smooth and tight face for a year.

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