Do you always carry a lip balm with you?

I don’t part with this marvelous cosmetic. Actually I’ve got a few favorite lip balms, each one put into a different bag so as not to forget it and have it constantly close at hand. Today I’d like to explain to you why having a lip balm always with you is so vital. Enjoy!

Lip Balm. What Does It Do?

Lip balm plays a very important role, and this role consists of two elements that together work to your lips’ advantage, leaving them beautiful and well-cared-for.

1. Lip balm nourishes

Firstly, this is care, meaning that a lip balm delivers essential nutrients to effect repair inside the skin. Applying lip balm on a regular basis can be compared to using a hair conditioner – without these products our body will be always dry, irritated and deprived of nutrients.

2. Lip balm protects

Another important lip balm’s task is to provide protection to the lips. Protection from what? The negative factors are numerous and some of them include: freezing weather, urban pollution, UV rays. Since a good lip balm prevents water from escaping, you will steer clear of chapped lips. And this in turn significantly reduces irritations.

[IMPORTANT] I’d like to draw your attention to the fact that lip balm can’t be perceived as an alternative to what’s the most important, which is following a healthy diet and being gentle to the lips.

What Should a Lip Balm Be Made With?

Naturally, the ingredients the lip balm is made with determine the effects it’s able to produce. The more nutrients it has, the better it’s for us. One of the most desired substances are plant oils – they prevent skin dryness.

To make it easier for you, I’ve decided to give you a list of the most common ingredients used in lip balms. What can it be made with and how do they benefit the skin?

  • OILS – prevent dryness
  • SHEA BUTTER – softens, smooths out and soothes irritation
  • HONEY – is a natural moisturizer
  • VASELINE – creates a protective coating on the lips
  • PANTHENOL – a vitamin that brings relief to skin
  • ALOE – its juice nourishes and soothes irritations
  • E VITAMIN – nourishes, rejuvenates and makes lips plumper

Obviously, there are more substances that a lip balm can be made from, but the one listed above are definitely the most common ones. You should always look for them in a lip balm.

Lip Scrubs

Some time ago I came across a new type of lip balms which I totally fell in love with. This wasn’t just a regular lip balm but a lip balm and lip scrub combo – on one hand the well-known form and nourishing properties, and on the other a gentle exfoliating effect owed to tiny abrasive agents such as sugar or seeds.

I’m truly stunned how amazing lip scrubs are. They prepare lips for the lipstick, e.g. a blood red lipstick that looks good only on perfectly smooth lips, no doubts about it.

What Will Happen if You Resign From Using Lip Balms?

It depends how sensitive lip skin you have and how many aggressive factors attack it on a daily basis. If you spend much time outdoors, if you have a tendency to lick your lips, then resigning from lip balms will lead to one thing – you will end up with dry, chapped and irritated lips.

That being said, I’d like to suggest you to get yourself a lip balm or two, or just make your own DIY lip balm – it’s super simple!

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