The way we apply make-up largely depends on our age. Young and mature women do it in a different way. Let’s check make-up considering different age groups.

Why we apply make-up

Even though no make-up make-up is still a thing, many women go for coloured products. Even for the natural-looking make-up you must use a few cosmetics. Many women don’t want to give up on make-up. It makes them feel attractive and self-confident, helps hide imperfections, upgrade the skin tone and shape the face. There’s one more reason – women are simply used to applying make-up daily.

Make-up and age

The youngest girls apply make-up to feel prettier and more self-confident, cover imperfections (acne and discolouration), be like their peers or celebrities. A mascara is most popular among them. They use it six times a week. Foundation is another common product. Teenagers like lipsticks and lip gloss. Nail conditioners, blushers and bronzers are must-haves in young girl’s beauty case.

Women who turned 30 put make-up on out of habit or job requirements. High-quality mascaras, lipsticks and foundations are always in their beauty bags. A bit older women add eyeshadow and lip liners to this group. Seniors like to go for cosmetics that even out the skin tone. Surprisingly, they use coloured beauty products only for special occasions.

What cosmetics do you use? What are your favourites? Waiting for your comments. 

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