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Glowing make-up is currently the top trend. For strobing used are cosmetics with shimmering pigments with various textures. Which product will be best for your make-up? Stick, powder or liquid? Read my post and you’ll find out which cosmetics I recommend for strobing.

Pressed highlighter

It is one of the most popular and easiest to use cosmetics. Thanks to the highlighter in powder you will gain the effect of gradient glow. Apply this cosmetic with dense, round brush. It should be fluffy and soft to thoroughly spread the shimmering particles. However, mind the thickness of the layer applied because if you use too much, it will look bizarre, straight from “100 layers challenge”.

Liquid highlighter

It has a subtle texture and is the easiest to use. Just apply few drops by the hair line, bridge of the nose and Cupid’s bow right after the foundation. Then spread cosmetic with the sponge. The same repeat in the T-zone. Use minimal amount for a natural effect.

Cream highlighter

It is cosmetic proven to be the most difficult to apply. Best is to use for it flat or big and flat brush (you use it also for the foundation). In what order should you perform your make-up with this cosmetic? First use foundation, then the cream highlighter and finish with the powder. Remember to wait a moment after application of each cosmetic. It is how you can achieve the perfect make-up, no smudges or uneven parts.

What about you? Which highlighter do you use? How do you apply it? If you have any favourites, please share it with me.

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