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In winter, the skin must go through a very hard test, functioning in difficult weather conditions. Do you want to make it easier for your skin? Use the right beauty products and test my tried and tested hacks.


The skin on the lips is very sensitive and prone to irritation. In winter, lips get cracked and chapped. The skin on this body part lacks sebaceous glands so you must keep it hydrated. Use balms and butters every winter day; they should contain vitamins, urea and repairing ingredients. Do a gentle scrub every other week. Soak a brush in an oil or honey for exfoliating the skin.


Moisturising, soothing, purifying and sun protection are extremely important in the winter body care. The skin is exposed to irritation, dryness, frostbites and surprisingly – sun discolouration. You can get rid of skin blemishes using scrubs or acid-based products. Remember to hydrate the skin with lotions, butters and oils every day. Take make-up products off with mild removers that have moisturising and nourishing properties. Before a winter walk, apply sunscreen as the sunlight is harmful in this season of the year, too.


They deserve the right care, too. In winter, your hands and feet are most exposed to irritation and dryness. Remember about moisturising and exfoliating the skin. Use paraffin, masks and fine-grain scrubs for hands. Exfoliate the foot skin with the pumice stone, apply a moisturising lotion and put on socks.

What are your ways to care for the body skin in winter? 

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