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I guess massage is one of the most pleasant beauty treatments we can expose our body to. It boosts our mood and relaxes our muscles. Moreover, massage is known for its healing features. How touch affects our skin and body? Find out!

Massage + Cream

It’s been long known that massage accelerates cosmetic absorption. Furthermore, it smooths and makes skin more supple, reduces visibility of wrinkles, improves blood and lymph circulation. Also, massage relaxes muscles and improves mood. What might surprise you, this pleasant treatment facilitates removing dead epidermis cells. And when it’s the best time to get your body massaged? Since the treatment requires using oils that provides better hand glide, perform the procedure while applying either cream or balm.

How to massage to help skin regenerate?

There are a few massaging techniques. The easiest and the most popular are: stroking, giving your body a rub, kneading and giving a squeeze. The massage should start with delicate stroking; this removes dead epidermis cells, regulates work of sebaceous glands and prepares the skin for the upcoming stages of massage. Giving your body a rub stimulates blood circulation and accelerates cell metabolic rate. This technique mustn’t be applied to eye skin area because it can make wrinkles even more visible. When it comes to kneading, it improves skin density. However, this way of massaging should be avoided by people with broken capillaries. Giving a squeeze is the last step of giving a massage. This hand movements helps with removing toxins from the organism.

Body Shaping with massage

Massage shapes body as well as helps fighting cellulite and stretch marks. It’s used in many aesthetic medicine treatments, such as endermologie. During this procedure a special device is used which features rollers that move in various directions. Even better results are obtained when this kind of massage is combined with mesotherapy. In short, a special preparation that stimulates burning off fat and making skin more supple is introduced into the skin. Massage that is given after this procedure smooths and facilitates absorption of nourishing substances.

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