The natural thick brows trend is still so on. Yet when looking at some girls you realize not all of them are behind it and even when some try, the result is bad. If you’re one to strive to be the jazzy woman, check which eyebrow styling mistakes to avoid at all cost.

Wrong shade cosmetics

If your eyebrows are fair and do not match your hair color and skin complexion, use cosmetics allowing their appearance change. There are numerous cosmetics for it, such as henna, eyebrow pencil, tints, pomade, gel. However, the most important is the correct shade, no matter the texture.

Too dark eyebrows

You’re blond and your eyebrows are tinted black? Don’t! There is one condition for such a situation – the colors must match. The eyebrows cannot be too dark nor too light, there shouldn’t be any crazy shades or extravagant colors.

Incorrectly plucked eyebrows

Unfortunately, it happens to be the most common mistake when it comes to eyebrow styling. Too short, too narrow or such never meeting tweezers. In the meantime, plucking eyebrows is really simple. You just have to determine three points on the eyebrow bridge in regards to the nose, then remove all the hair that goes beyond it.

Stencil brows

Eyebrows should be symmetrical but never identical. The reason is simple enough, you will look bad and your eyebrows will look fake. Besides, it’s tiresome to strive for the perfection each day by trimming hair to the same length and making sure the makeup of each one is exactly the same.

Bad finish

Too short, uneven, too thin or too thick. Too fair or too dark, droopy or too high. These are the most common mistakes when it comes to the eyebrows. The eyebrows should be a frame for the eyes and so it cannot look unnatural or end suddenly. It should go well with the shape of your face.

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