Matte and dull complexion, fatigued face and discolorations? If you struggle with such beauty problems then try doing what I do. Use highlighting cosmetics by Sensai that belong to Skin Dressed in Light collection. After all, every girl can make a good use of a little bit of shine.

What can we find in this new Senasi collection?

Skin Dressed in Light by Sensai contains cosmetics which aim is to highlight skin, add charm to it and take years off; all at the same time. And these are:

  • Supreme Illuminator highlighter
  • Luminous Sheer Foundation
  • Flawless Satin Foundation
  • Glowing Base
  • Translucent Loose Powder
  • Liquid Foundation Brush

Skin Dressed in Light by Sensai – features

Cosmetics by Sensai are destined to highlight skin no matter of its kind, shade or age. Shimmering particles included in the products beautify face, enhance particular face parts and improves its oval. Creamy consistency of the cosmetics makes the application easier and provides natural finish. Thanks to Skin Dressed in Light by Senasi, the complexion’s tone is evened, imperfections are camouflaged, and the entire face becomes radiant and well taken care of. The foundations are available in a few shades of beige and bronze, thanks to which each of us is going to find the right cosmetic. The entire make-up is fixed due to moisturizing Glowing Base featuring shimmering particles and the make-up fixing powder that blends with skin tone just well. Liquid cosmetics have to be applied with the use of a brush the bristle of which is cut-at-angle (also an element of the entire collection).

Skin Dressed in Light Sensai – effects

Thanks to cosmetics Skin Dressed in Light by Sensai you can do two types of make-up: with highlighting finish or with a subtle shine. Basically, all you have to do in order to obtain the highlighting finish, you need to use Supreme Illuminator. Remember that the second type of make-up will be suitable for work or school. The first one will be good for a party, wedding reception or a lavish feast.

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