Considering amazing hair benefits of natural oils, you often ask me if they’re worth using in skin care routine as well. To me, they are brilliant products but if you’re not cosmetology students, don’t test oils on your skin. They often have comedogenic effect, clog skin pores and cause allergic reactions. In other words, an ill-matched oil does more harm than good. I’ve also experienced an unpleasant mishap – instead of moisturised, bouncy skin, my face felt extremely dry after applying an oil.

That is why I believe that one should trust the specialists’ opinions and choose a ready-made product (just like in case of hair oils): fine-quality and effective. This kind of hair oil choice for me is… Nanoil. When it comes to face care oil.. I guess I found my stunner. Enjoy the review of Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Oil.

Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Oil – design, capacity

The oil comes in a really nice packaging – a pipette glass bottle looks like a drop of oil. The bottle corresponds to the marine content – a metallic blue shade at the bottom gradually lightens and turns into colorless glass showing beautiful yellow shade of the oil. Too bad, the capacity is very small… the price seems to be inadequate to the capacity yet the effect makes up for everything. How to use it and how it works?

Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Oil – ingredients, working

It is an anti-wrinkle face oil which aims at in-depth nourishing, moisturising and protecting from damage, oxidative stress, and the harmfulness of external elements. The oil contains an extract from three seaweeds (Padina Pavonica, Golden Seaweed & Roaring Water Kelp) – a rich source of strong antioxidants and minerals which excellently regenerate and remove free radicals, slow down aging processes by forcing skin cells to repair. Flawless skin without wrinkles, creases and spots is the effect. Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Oil also includes an untypical white poppy seed oil – a light, mild, fast-absorbing oil. It is thinned in the product to avoid the comedogenic effect on skin. The filter, which the oil creates on skin, is microscopic but it effectively protects epidermis and locks moisture in. Apart from poppy oil, the product contains jojoba oil which is famous for regulating sebum secretion (lots of squalane) and Abyssinian oil – an example of an oil working wonders on all skin types.

Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Oil – how to use

Of course, it is a child’s play: apply 2-3 drops to your face skin every morning and evening. It can be used over a moisturiser or on its own. I only use it during my bedtime beauty routine. Also, I like to use it for a jade roller face massage – thanks to that, the oil absorbs more quickly and deeply, it’s a pleasurable and skin-lifting massage.

Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Oil – effects

The way my skin changed is really surprising. After only a week, it simply looked better, had fewer pigmentation spots; it doesn’t look either tired or sallow. After a month, face lines got smoother. I have an impression that my skin has a better… structure thanks to Elemis. A youthful and full of energy look.

Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Oil – opinion & grade

In my opinion, it is one of the best and most interesting face skin oils. Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Oil gets great reviews online. To me, it deserves ten points out of ten because it totally lives up to my expectations and gives perfect conditioning. I love the idea of combining the action of two brilliant oils with equally perfect effect delivered by seaweeds. A truly superbly-working face treatment is the result. I recommend it to everyone. Good value for money, that’s for sure.

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