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How do you deal with under-eye dark circles and puffiness? If you follow the right skin care routine, you’ll do away with them in just seven days. Check my tips and you’ll surely enjoy a youthful and radiant face!

Ice Cube Massage

Do it every morning – puffiness and circles will disappear in no time! I bet every woman knows how to make cocktail ice cubes. What about skin cooling ones? Mix water with lemon juice or cold herbal infusion. Put a mint leaf to each ice cube mold and pour it with the water plus lemon juice or infusion. Coffee ice cubes deliver good effects as well. Brew some strong coffee, let it cool down and pour into the tray. Caffeine tackles under-eye bags and dark circles in a flash. How to massage skin with this homemade cosmetic? After waking up, massage the skin for four minutes with an ice cube (wrapped in a cotton handkerchief).

Skincare with Almond Oil

Use almond oil every evening after removing makeup and drying the skin. Apply a teaspoon of the oil to a cotton pad and gently press it to the eyelid for two minutes. Massage the rest of the product around the eyes with fingertips. The massage increases blood flow, delivers oxygen and lots of nutrients. Almond oil is the source of – among others – vitamin E that smooths wrinkles and tightens the skin.

Collagen Pads

Apply them every three days. Collagen ensures the right skin elasticity, improves density and brightens skin. Choose collagen pads that include gold particles. They are really cheap and work quite well. Put the pads in the fridge for extra benefits and fast removal of puffiness and dark circles. Cooled pads give better results. Apply them to clean skin under eyes and leave in for two minutes.

Girls, thanks to such skincare, your faces will be pretty and radiant. Take care! 

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