Let’s face it, do you really need all of these beauty products you keep in the bathroom, bedroom and all over the house? I’ll put it straight – you don’t. If you want to have a beautiful skin and long purse, you don’t need the priciest cosmetics in shocking quantities. Learn how to save on beauty products.


Spring isn’t the only good time for cleaning up. Your beauty bag needs it more often. Throw away products that are past-by-date, don’t go with your skin type or you haven’t used them at all. If you don’t feel like throwing away expensive and untouched cosmetics, give it to someone. The receiver will enjoy it and you’ll get extra room on your bathroom shelf.


After giving unnecessary products away, it’s time you did something about the ones left. First, check the expiry date of the open cosmetics. If they’re fresh, introduce some rules for arranging them. Put the ones you use most on the washbasin or by the mirror. Put new products into the cabinet you open the least often. Arrange the rest according to their purpose, properties and the order in which you use them.


Don’t buy cosmetics before testing them first. Think which products are must-haves before shopping. If you see something new that might be useful, don’t put it in the basket. Ask for samples instead. Has the product turned out to be a hit? Buy it and enjoy! Buying wrong cosmetics, you expose the skin to irritation.


Do you really need night and day creams, tightening belly, breast and leg lotions or hair serums, elixirs and sprays? No, you don’t. The fewer products you use, the better for your skin and wallet. Use multitasking cosmetics that match your skin and hair type. If you’re not sure which ones are the best, ask an expert. A dermatologist or beautician will help you choose the right products, that’s for sure. They may free your skin from blemishes, too.

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