I know that many of you don’t think about your skin from the perspective of ageing; that it is ageing day after day, or don’t notice the first signs of ageing.

Lately I’ve notice how my skin has changed. I don’t have wrinkles yet the skin under eyes is grey and the entire face has a dull shade. It isn’t as taut as it used to be. Believe me, it isn’t cool to discover that your skin starts getting flabby and changes to its disadvantage.

In the moments like this it’s a real blessing to have a sister beautician who can recommend this, that and the other. Thanks to her, I learnt that I can regenerate my skin in a few months and give my complexion a leg up with the fight against signs of ageing.

Philips Visa Care is a small device with a in-built rechargeable battery. The device can be charged thanks to an aesthetic dock which is also a good-looking Visa Care holder. This device delivers outcomes similar to microdermabrasion, which is a marvellous, rejuvenating and skin cleansing treatment that used to be available at a beautician’s only.

After the first treatment with the use of Visa Care I felt that my skin became smooth and definitely no other peeling was able to leave my complexion so clean and smooth.

Almost overnight my skin gained youthful, healthy look, became well-rested and firm. This effect is really easy to see after a month of regular Philips Visa Care use. Now I can notice my face being clearly regenerated. Using Philips device doesn’t occupy much time, in fact, its suggested using the item twice a week only, for 5 minutes. One session helps remove dead epidermis cells, stimulates blood circulation and firms skin thanks to a well-designed head of Visa Care. This marvellous device by Philips works alike professional microdermabrasion treatment. It provides skin with under pressure massage which stimulates microcirculation. Owning to this feature, even the lowest skin layers are encouraged to work. As a result, collagen and elasticin production is increased, skin becomes more firm, cleansed and well-rested – everything within a week!

Since using Philips Visa Care I notice my, usually easy to see, skin pores contracting. Also, I observed that the face creams and oils are absorbed by skin faster and easier.

Throughout the first two weeks, Visa Care pinched my skin as I felt a slight tingling sensation which is totally normal because this is how my cells were stimulated. After a month I didn’t feel this sensation so intensively. I know that Philips also offers a device taking care of under eye skin. I’m going to give it a go as well. Until then, I can recommend you Philips Visa Care.

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