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Probably you know them only as laughter lines. However, these furrows in your face are categorised accordingly to their appearance and location. Find out how you should define the wrinkles you noticed on your face and how to take care of mature skin in the right way.


No, these aren’t the cute, little and soft pets that we could play and cuddle with all day. This is how droopy cheeks are called, the ones which many women have problem with. Luckily enough, Hamster Cheeks can be rectified due to Volumetric Treatment. In short, it depends on lifting the cheeks up and fixing nasolabial furrows; as a consequence, the entire face looks way better. Additionally, a special preparations are used which stimulate collagen production. Another treatment that helps with eliminating Hamster Cheeks, I could recommend to you, is Lipolysis. To make a long story short, during this treatment the deposits of fat tissue is removed, wrinkles are smoothed and skin suppleness is increased.

The Valley of Tears

Indeed, it sounds like a name of a fantasy world, but in the reality is it a furrow that runs from the inner corner to the centre of a cheek, which is located somewhere near eye socket. The Valley of Tears is created as a result of subcutaneous tissue disappearance and the process of skin getting flabby. At the same time, under eye skin area becomes affected by dark circles and swellings. The aftermath? The face gains sad and fatigued look. The solution here is Carboksytherapy which is a procedure depending on introducing carbon dioxide underneath the skin. Thanks to this, a new blood vessels are created which has a massive impact on the skin condition.

Crow’s Feet

These are wrinkles developing in the outer corners as a result of frequent screwing eyes up and smiling. Of course, nobody says that you have to become a misery guts from now on. On the other hand, these very laughter lines are recognised by many people as a decoration of face; eliminating them completely might produce a comical effect. Therefore, before you decide to visit an aesthetic medicine office, think twice whether you are totally positive that you want to remove crow’s feet entirely.

Marionette Lines

They run from the corners of lips to chin. They appear with age, when the collagen and hyaluronic acid levels are dropping down. If you want to counteract Marionette Lines, apply peelings regularly. In my opinion, Mesotherapy will also serve you good. Also, I’d recommend the Chemical Peeling (featuring AHA acids) that stimulates collagen production, encourages cell self-renewal processes and evens skin surface.

Venus Necklace

These are wrinkles that appear on neck and cleavage. They create a very characteristic lines which resemble a necklace. Probably, you will agree with me that we tend to forget about this body part of ours, unfortunately. Of course, wrinkled skin of neck and cleavage reveals our real age. Can you do something about this? Surely, if you expose yourself to laser treatments combined with peeling then Venus Necklace won’t pose a problem for you any longer. Thanks to this procedure, your skin becomes smooth and supple.

Lion Lines

If you often drop your eyebrows and give people grumpy look then sooner or later your face will feature Lion Lines. It’s a vertical furrow located between eyebrows. As far as I am concerned, the best way to deal with this skin imperfection is Botulinum Toxin application. It makes face muscles relax and smooths the furrow. However, there is yet another method to cope with this issue. Just brighten up your forehead!

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