Hey, girls!

Would you dare to go to a restaurant or walk in the street without make-up on? I would. Since I learned to care for the skin and make it look non-stop beautiful, I almost gave up on make-up. If you want to show yourself without make-up and with no fears, check how to enhance the skin.

Get rid of blemishes

We usually apply make-up to camouflage the imperfections (acne, redness, pigmentation spots). We use concealer, foundations and other products for evening out the skin tone. Just give it a second thought – how much would you save if you did away with all blemishes. You will get rid of post-sun discolouration and pimples with chemical peels. AHA or BHA acids are used during the treatments. Autumn and winter are the best seasons for such beauty procedures.

Improve your face shape

Double chin, puffy eyes and other imperfections can make you look older and feel unattractive. You can fix the problem with a combination of a few treatments – LED light, cold-laser therapy and using vitamin and mineral-enriched products. You’ll get amazing effects. Your skin will be supple and have a nicer tone whereas the blood flow will be increased. A series of treatments gives the best results.

Perfect lips

Too big, unsymmetrical or thin lips can make you feel bad. That’s why many women use make-up for enhancing their lips. There are better ways for improving their appearance, though. You can choose between two treatments: hyaluronic acid injections or permanent make-up. Just remember to choose a pro for the procedure. Otherwise you might face up to serious complications and health problems.

Beautiful eyes

No worries, I don’t mean false eyelashes. If you want to look good, you must be all-natural. Try out permanent eye make-up (eyelids and brows). A pigment is applied under the skin; it imitates lashes and brows. Are you bothered by under-eye circles and puffiness? Massage the skin with ice cubes every day and use moisturising cosmetics.

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