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Summer time’s here so it’s high time we took care of our feet. You don’t need beauty salon appointments. You can do SPA at home. What products to use and how to nourish the heel skin? Read my latest post to find out.

Why is foot care so important?

Feet bear the weight of the whole body. If you fail to provide them with proper care, your body will suffer. Nail diseases, callused epidermis, blisters and dry skin can cause pain, make walking harder and – consequently – affect your body position. To make things worse, winter clothes and footwear, as well as summer sandals, can weaken the condition of your nails and skin on the heels. Treat your feet to home SPA once a week to avoid all the nasty things.

How to care for heels?

Firstly, prepare a relaxing bath for your feet. Fill the bathtub with warm water and enrich it with essential oils, herbal infusions, bath salts, flowers and bubble bombs. You can add antiseptic products that will prevent sweaty feet and fungus. Soak feet in the bath for 15 minutes. Callused skin cells will be easier to exfoliate. You’ll easily push the cuticles and file your nails the way you like.

Secondly, use a file for smoothing heels. You can buy electric files at drug stores; they quickly remove dead skin cells and boost skin repair. Use such tools once or twice a month. If you want to exfoliate the foot skin more often, make use of pumice stone that is more delicate and ideal for sensitive skin.

Thirdly, try out exfoliating socks – a good alternative to files and pumice. Drugstore socks are soaked in acids and moisturising ingredients. They remove dead skin cells, smooth feet and brighten spots on nails. Remember that the process of epidermis exfoliation lasts more or less two weeks so you’d better avoid sandals and flip flops.

Fourthly, massage your feet. Use an oil or a moisturiser. The massage relaxes muscles and increases blood circulation. During the treatment, press the bridge of feet, next the soles and all toes. Your feet will be grateful!

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